2015 Best 3D Scanners Over $50000

2015 BEST 3D SCANNERS OVER $50000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Creaform | Nikon | GOM | eQUALITY TECH | Konica Minolta; Finally, we get to the cream of the crop of the line of 3D scanners available throughout the world today. These scanners are... Read more

ShapeGrabber Ai810

The ShapeGrabber Ai810 is a large object 3D scanner designed to accurately and quickly scan plastic injection molded automotive parts. This scanner was made specifically for that application, since the vast majority of automobile parts that... Read more

ShapeGrabber LM600

The ShapeGrabber LM600 is a solid and dependable 3D scanner that provides excellent results, while also providing excellent value. The company’s aim with the LM classic 3D scanner line is to produce an affordable solution for small and medium... Read more

Aicon Breuckmann d-STATION

The Aicon Breuckmann d-STATION 3D scanner is an accurate and dependable tabletop 3D scanner. It has a very small footprint, which helps accommodate any type of working space in just about any type of room, whether it is in your home, a... Read more

2015 Best 3D Scanners Under $50000

2015 BEST 3D SCANNERS UNDER $50000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Artec | Nikon | Faro | Creaform | LMI Technologies; 3D scanners are a particularly sophisticated type of technology that allows near-perfect reproduction of any three-dimensional... Read more

LMI Technologies HDI 120

The LMI Technologies HDI 120 is a compact but extremely effective 3D scanner designed primarily for OEM manufacturing lines. The design allows for chaining and connections of multiple HDI 120s in ways that can automate scanning processes along... Read more

Faro Focus 3D X330

The FARO Focus 3D X330 is a model that is slightly more advanced than the X130, which was at the top of our list of best 3D scanners under $10000. Enhanced features allow for better scanning in outdoor conditions such as sun glare, and maximum... Read more

Artec Eva

The Artec Eva is a versatile 3D scanner that is handheld, which means that it is not bound by the restrictions of a tripod or stand mounted system. A wide variety of things can be scanned, including the human body, which broadens the... Read more

2015 Best 3D Scanners Under $10000

2015 BEST 3D SCANNERS UNDER $10000 REVIEWS AND COMPARISON | Faro | NextEngine | Aicon | 3D Digital Corp | ShapeGrabber; There are indeed a lot of things that 3D scanners can do to make both hobbies and professional manufacturing tasks more... Read more

FARO Focus 3D X130

The FARO Focus 3D X130 scanner is one of the best we have ever seen in its class. An upgrade from previous models that didn’t quite make our list last year, FARO has raised the bar quite a bit with two new models, the X130 and the X330, both... Read more